“I chose Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists to hang my cap on because of our fantastic broker Patty. She is so supportive and willing to lend a helping hand if ever a tough question or situation comes up. #LikeFamily”

Matt B. – Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists

Exclusive leads and listings

You shouldn’t have to worry about a lack of leads or inventory. With Fieldstone Real Estate you can focus on the important work of selling homes instead of chasing dead-end leads.

All the listings you need

You will receive access to exclusive inventory, a mixture of new construction spec homes and existing resale homes. We have plenty of listings available, with our top agents receiving around 15-20 per year.

Receive pre-screened leads

You will be given pre-screened leads. These are quality inquiries through our websites, past clients, and referrals.

Free expert training

We take every step possible to help our agents succeed. We are proud that every brand new agent in the last 6 months has done a transaction within 30 days.

Hit the ground running

When joining you get coaching, mentorship and a new agent bootcamp. This will give you all the knowledge and support you need for building your business.

Continued training

We want to help you keep growing your skills. We provide training for state CE credits, along with biweekly talks. These are from outside experts in industries such as construction, political action groups and real estate.

Everything you get with Fieldstone Real Estate

  • 85/15 to 90/10 splits
  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Desk fee
  • 5-20 exclusive listings
  • Family like atmosphere
  • Pre-screened leads
  • New agent bootcamps
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Biweekly talks with industry experts
  • Rapid phone support
Join the family

Part of the Fieldstone Real Estate family

We are a family run business and aim to serve our communities with professionalism and integrity.

At Fieldstone Real Estate we consider all of our employees and agents to be part of our family. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to keep your business running smoothly and stress-free

Life at Fieldstone

See Fieldstone in action

We are dedicated to supporting our agents and providing what they need to thrive and grow their careers

“We consider every agent in this organization to be a family member. It’s reflected in everything we do and our culture is built on that concept”

Patty Zuzek, Broker

I'm always here to support you when you need it

Coming across the occasional issue is inevitable, but with Fieldstone Real Estate you will always have our support.

An experienced coach I will support all new agents on your first 3-6 sales, helping you navigate the real estate sales process and learn the ropes. Still have questions, agents are welcome to call me any time and get a quick response when you need it most.

As the broker here at Fieldstone Real Estate I will leverage my over 20 years of industry experience to share my knowledge and help you with any issues.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level then let's talk today.

See why our agents love us

"I can’t say enough great things about Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists! I’ve been an agent 16 years and with FRES just over a year. FRES goes above and beyond with providing training, support, referrals and (free) continuing education! Our broker is so knowledgeable and kind and to say they treat you like family is an understatement! I’m happy to say I’ve found “my home” with Fieldstone Real Estate and Fieldstone Family Homes!"

Niki Fairbanks
Niki Fairbanks, Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists

"After owning my own brokerage for over 12 years and working for a national builder for 4 years, I wanted to explore new opportunities in today's dynamic real estate market. My search led me to Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists, where I met with broker Patty and her assistant, Tessa. I knew I had found my new professional home from our first meeting.

Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists offers a unique platform that allows me to continue buying and selling existing homes while also providing the opportunity to work in their model homes. This has opened a whole new pipeline of clients for my business. My only regret is not deciding to join this brokerage sooner!"

Kevin Conoryea
Kevin Conoryea, Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists

"I chose Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists to hang my cap on because from our fantastic broker to my fellow colleagues are so supportive and willing to lend a helping hand if ever a tough question or situation comes up. #LikeFamily"

Tyler H
Tyler H, Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists

"FRES provides me with inventory options in a market where that is currently so limited through our new construction partnerships, and I still have the resources needed to operate as a full-service REALTOR® in the existing home markets. I have resources through our excellent broker and the many experienced agents to help me as a new agent navigate creating an entire business in a new industry including marketing support, negotiation support, recommendations for vendors, and much more. The regular sales and marketing meetings that provide excellent insight into the market and into local, regional, and national changes in the industry are priceless"

Matt B
- Matt B, Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists

"I chose Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists because of the opportunity to work both new construction and existing"

Tyson H
- Tyson H, Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists


We know there are plenty of details to check out before joining a new broker. Here are some of our common questions and answers.

What’s your link with Fieldstone Family Homes?

Fieldstone Family Homes is our sister company. They specialize in building new construction homes in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Western Wisconsin. Fieldstone Real Estate Specialists is a full-service real estate brokerage specializing in home resales and new construction sales from multiple builders. We are an independent brokerage, not just real estate agents working for a builder.

Do you just deal with new construction?

No, we are a full-service real estate brokerage, over 40% of our transaction volume has come from the resale of existing homes, and our plan is for this number to be closer to 60% in the coming years.

Do I really get 90/10 splits

Yes, – Our commission structure is simple. We have an 85/15 split until you reach 2 million in production, then the split goes to 90/10. An additional commission of $495-$895 is typically passed on to your client.

Is there a cap?

No, we do not have a cap. Your split is based on your total production.

What is the deal with the new construction listings?

Since we have a sister company Fieldstone Family Homes, you will receive access to their exclusive inventory, a mixture of new construction spec homes and new construction build packages. We have plenty of listings available, with our top agents receiving around 15-20 per year.

Where are you located?

We are located in Burnsville MN, and we are members of Northstar MLS / RMLS, we are a licensed real estate brokerage in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

What is your service area?

We are a licensed real estate brokerage in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Do you allow agents or teams to market themselves under their own branding?

Absolutely, in fact we actually recommend it.

What type of training or mentoring do you provide for newly licensed agents?

We offer a new construction boot camp for new agents where they are paired with an experienced agent coach for your first 6 transactions. The coach is there with you every step of the way, helping you learn all the new construction process aspects. We do many coaching sessions, both private and group, throughout. We also will reimburse a new agent to go through the Agent Academy at the Mpls Realtors Association.

Do you allow part-time agents?

Yes, however, at the present time we are only accepting a very limited number of part-time agents with specific circumstances.

Join the family

Considering joining the Fieldstone Real Estate family?

Schedule a confidential call with me today. Let's discuss some of the opportunities we have here to grow your career. We are looking for hard working and professional agents to join our family of happy agents.


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